You dont need 4play if you ‘eat’ the ‘Duna’ well – Dzifa Sweetness claims

Dzifa Sweetness, Ghana’s best relationship coach, revealed during a television interview that foreplay is unnecessary when a guy eats the planning well the first time he meets a girl.

During an interview with ETV, Dzifa revealed that if a man has great s3x with a lady, he will not have to foreplay again because the lady will already be wet when she is alone, bringing back memories of the first s3x.

Even before the man calls the lady to come over, she claims she will be wet and in a good mood just thinking about how amazing you made her feel the last time.

“You can meet a man and the way he will handle you in bed right from foreplay down to the sex itself, you can’t get it out of your mind that when you’re sitting the memories would flashback and when he calls you to come over you would already be wet when you see him”, she said.