"You big vḁg!nḁ like......" - Patapaa Goes wild on Afia Schwarzenegger

“You big vḁg!nḁ like……” – Patapaa Goes wild on Afia Schwarzenegger

Patapaa Amisty, a Ghanaian musician, has slammed Afia Schwarzenegger for dissing him.

After burying her father, Afia Schwarzenegger expressed gratitude to everyone who assisted her.

In the viral video, she thanked Nana Tornado and Patapaa Amisty for their assistance in burying her father, as well as Fadda Dickson.

The One Corner rapper got mad at her comment about Patapaa, so he gave her a clap back.

The rapper insulted Afia Schwar with some unprinted comments and even insulted her mother.

Check out the video below.