“You are wearing second-hand clothes and flying first-class plane” – Troll Disgraces Tracey Boakye

Tracey Boakye’s recent travels have landed her squarely in the sights of social media trolls.

According to a social media user who examined her travel wardrobe, the dresses she was wearing for the trip were ‘ofos’ dresses.

For the uninitiated, ‘Ofos’ is the local term for secondhand clothing.

They are also referred to as ‘obroni wawu.’

Tracey Boakye, according to the social media user, used thousands of dollars to fund a trip around the world while wearing second-hand clothes.

He advised her not to wear them because she might run into the actual owners of the dress on her travels!

Tracey’s mocker had posted an entire video analyzing and criticizing every aspect of her vacation.

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He was looking at Tracey’s photo from her flight from Dubai to the Maldives.

Tracey was relaxing in first class with a bottle of wine in her hand when she snapped a photo for Instagram.

The troll had some nice things to say about the photo, as well as some not-so-nice things to say.

Tracey Boakye was humiliated in a hilarious way.

Watch the video below…

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