“You are not my mate. I bought 4 iPhone 13s”- Lady reveals (video)

Although these characteristics are unusual in African culture, this lady believes they are common for her own experience with them.

 Not too long ago, she characterized her journey on the okada as “extremely hazardous and like riding a roller coaster.” She then expressed a desire to receive the funds to purchase vehicles for needy people.

She then went to a nearby market, where she watched individuals purchasing used clothing, and she expressed her surprise at what she witnessed.

Her inquiry was, “How can individuals wear clothes that have previously been worn by someone else?” People flocked to her side to slam her.

Fast forward to the present day, and she has likewise responded to their insults with something she claims to have purchased. The iPhone she purchased was her fourth in a two-week period, according to her, and she said it was the fourth she had purchased.

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Last but not least, she boasted to individuals who had sent her obnoxious messages that she would be able to easily pay their bills.

Take a look at the video below.