"You are just jealous and envious of Mcbrown"- Captain Smart tells Afia Schwar

“You are just jealous and envious of Mcbrown”- Captain Smart tells Afia Schwar

In response to Afia Scwhar’s mockery and disrespect of him and the other employees of ONUA TV who were wearing branded T-shirts to welcome Nana Ama Mcbrown, Captain Smart has retaliated.

Captain Smart was made fun of by loudmouth Afia Schwar for referring to Mcbrown as a queen despite having a stronger and more enviable brand than she did in a video that has since drawn mixed reactions from Ghanaians.

Captain Smart was criticized by Afia Schwar for lining up like schoolchildren to formally welcome McBrown like a president to Onua TV.

She also called Captain Smart a useless barking dog who only excels at unprovoked attacks on innocent bystanders.

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Fast-forward to this morning’s episode of ONUA TV’s Onua Maakye show, where the unyielding Captain Smart retaliated against Afia Schwar.

Captain Smart claims that Afia Schwar is only upset because McBrown has a stronger brand than she does.

He called Afia Schwar’s assault on him and the other ONUA TV employees an unnecessary act and made a promise to carry McBrown on his head to make her cry more.

Afia was subtly characterized by Captain Smary as a toothless, useless drunk with a bitter and envious nature.

Watch the video below to learn more.