Yawa as Lady fights boyfriend for releasing in her after intercourse – Video

As is customary, Bestshowbiz.com has stumbled onto a viral video that will pique your interest.

A woman is shown in a furious dispute with her boyfriend, who had reportedly pregnant her and was attempting to induce an abortion, in the brief but fascinating film.

The enraged woman refused to compromise and insisted on refusing to take the abortion pills her husband had brought.

She also requested him to scoop the sperms from her with a spoon if she did not want to bear the pregnancy.

This infuriated the gentleman, who went on to say that he would force the girl to terminate the pregnancy, resulting in a brief altercation that he filmed on camera.

She was clearly annoyed that he ejaculated within her in the first place and repeatedly questioned him whether he had come within her, which he denied until he saw him with the medicine.

watch the video below;

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