Yaw Dabo disciplines one of his players for getting an eyebrow incision

– Yaw Dabo sheds light on principles at Dabo Soccer Academy

– Importance of discipline and good manners
– Example of disciplinary action for an eyebrow incision
– Dress code to instill professionalism and respect
– Yaw Dabo’s belief in discipline and manners shaping character and success.

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Yaw Dabo, the Ghanaian actor and owner of the prestigious Dabo Soccer Academy, recently spoke about the core principles that are upheld at his esteemed football institution. In a candid interview on Plus One TV, he emphasized the importance of discipline and the significance of instilling good manners in young players.

Dabo recounted a memorable incident that exemplified the academy’s unwavering commitment to discipline. One of the players had decided to undergo an eyebrow incision, a popular fashion trend, but such actions were met with swift disciplinary measures. However, through guidance and counseling, the young player eventually expressed deep regret for his actions.

At Dabo Soccer Academy, unruly haircuts and inappropriate dressing are strictly prohibited. By implementing a dress code, the academy aims to instill professionalism and respect among aspiring footballers, setting them on the right path both on and off the field.

For Yaw Dabo, discipline and manners are not just about appearances but play a crucial role in shaping the character of young athletes. He firmly believes that by instilling discipline from an early age, players build a strong foundation for success, not only in their sporting careers but also in all aspects of life.

In conclusion, Yaw Dabo’s commitment to discipline and manners at Dabo Soccer Academy is commendable. Through his emphasis on these values, he strives to mold young athletes into individuals who not only excel in their chosen sport but also become responsible and respectful members of society.


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