"Women Wants S3x More Than Men These Days" Blessing Okoro

“Women Wants S3x More Than Men These Days” Blessing Okoro

Blessing CEO, a popular relationship and mental health specialist, has used a new Instagram video to explain how some women feel about sex these days.

She revealed that women now seek sex more than males do, and that they will even pay guys to have an affair with them.

According to her, in the past, men believed they were playing women for sex in relationships, but she stated that the tables have now flipped and it is the other way around.

“Gone are the days when males truly believed they were playing women for sex,” she said in the video. “Women nowadays desire sex more than males, and they pay guys to have sex with them.”

Because of the constant relationship advice she gives people on social media, Blessing CEO has established herself as one of the most sought-after love experts, which has helped her earn further fame.

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watch the video below: