“Women are naturally more intelligent compared to Men” – Uncle Ebo Whyte

Women, according to the wise relationship counsellor, are more intelligent than men in most situations (in the same age bracket). As a result, a certain measure of leniency should be shown to the actions of these men.

In an episode of the TV3 NewDay show, Uncle Ebo Whyte examined the complexity of the male-female connection, and this submission was made during that segment.

His statement was met with a clamor of “I say this, and many people disagree.” Women have a higher IQ than men, according to tests. As a result, many women come prepared with a strategy. And, in many instances, the individual is completely unaware of what has transpired.

Each and every other woman can see straight through a woman’s game plan immediately. Furthermore, the irritation of women who are close to a man can occasionally be communicated with the phrase, “Can’t you see it?” Because it is so obvious to you (women) with your intelligence and everything else that this is the case. Nevertheless, he is having a great time and is completely unconscious of what is taking place.

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According to Uncle Ebo Whyte, if men’s obliviousness is not taken into consideration, it might have a negative impact on their relationships. He urged women to look for characteristics in a man that suggest a desire to relearn and re-learn new things.

“Please, gentlemen, show some maturity. Although the age gap between us (men) and you (women) is only two or one year, we (men) are frequently not on the same level as you (women). In terms of life, you (women) are far ahead of us (guys), whereas we (guys) are nowhere to be found. We (guys) are not intellectually or emotionally capable of handling this situation.

If you notice that he is attentive, that he values you, that he has some common sense, and that he is the type of person who can be taught, then follow him.

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When his ignorance is exposed, he also provided an example of how a teachable and wise individual responds when challenged. Anyone who reacts aggressively and violently to correction should be made aware that they are a ticking time bomb and should be removed from the situation.

“He may not be on your level, but when you argue with him, he is quick to point out the flaws in your argument. “My brother, what you just did was unpleasant,” you might explain to someone who may not be aware of what he is doing is inappropriate. “Wow, that’s something I didn’t know.” he comments. I was just thinking about how much fun I was having. “In that case, he’s logical.”

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