Woman Cries Out After Contracting HIV From Cheating Husband – (Video)

A woman’s heart broke when she learned she had contracted HIV/AIDS because of her husband’s extramarital affair, and she sobbed uncontrollably as she told her story.

The woman, who did not give her name, posted a video of herself crying and talking about how she got the virus. In the video, she also shared her reaction to the news that she had the virus.

She divulged that for four years she was subjected to one cheating scandal after another until she went for a second test after delivering their first child. The results of the second test showed that he had cheated.

“4 years I kept forgiving a cheating husband, and it resulted in me taking ARVs for the rest of my life.

I was married and faithful to my husband. I got pregnant and went for my first clinic and I tested HIV negative. I willingly went for another test when my baby was 1 yr old and I tested positive,”
 she wrote.

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Watch her video below;