Wicked Father poisons his day-old baby girl because he wants a baby boy instead

A 28-year-old father confessed to the murder of his newborn baby girl in a truly tragic and unsettling incident, citing the fact that he had been hoping for the birth of a son instead.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, this heartbreaking tragedy occurred at Doka Baici, which is located in the Tofa Local Government Area of Kano State, Nigeria.

Misbahu Salisu, the guy, confessed to poisoning his one-day-old baby daughter, performing a horrific act that stunned the community and the nation.

The Kano State Hisbah Board seized Salisu on Friday in connection with this heinous act. Dr. Mujahid Aminudeen, the board’s Deputy Commander General of Operations, issued a statement detailing the incident.

According to the statement, Salisu confirmed to the board’s officers that he had given the newborn a local insecticide called Otapiapia, which caused her death.

Salisu had also drugged the baby’s mother, Sa’ade, by feeding her a cup of tea laced with sleeping pills before carrying out this heinous murder.

Salisu had confessed to his acts, stating that he had preferred a male child but was upset when his wife gave birth to a female baby, according to the statement. This sense of betrayal apparently prompted him to take his innocent daughter’s life.

Salisu was handed over to authorities after his confession for additional investigation and eventual conviction.

Another recent and similarly heartbreaking report stated that a guy died as a result of a stunning and horrible occurrence following a fight with his wife. According to reports, the wife pinched her husband’s testicles, causing him to die.

The incident occurred in Delta State, Nigeria, in the Mosogar Community in Ethiope West Local Government Area.

In connection with this event, the Delta Police Command arrested the woman. While the woman did not literally cut her husband’s testicles, she aggressively gripped and pulled on them during their dispute, causing significant pain, according to the command’s spokeswoman, DSP Bright Edafe.

The man unfortunately died during this violent incident, prompting his wife’s detention. The deceased man’s elder brother had filed a police report, and the woman was apprehended as she attempted to exit the residence, realizing the gravity of the situation.

These heartbreaking cases highlight the significance of addressing domestic abuse concerns as well as the need for psychological help for people experiencing disappointment or stress.

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