“Why Do Fully Clothed Women Attend Church in Search of Husbands?” – Efia Odo Asks

Efia Odo, a socialite, has asked those who claim she isn’t married because she’s always [email protected] online why fully clothed women go to church looking for husbands, just as she is.

In a previous post, Efia Odo stated that she is tired of being played when it comes to love and that she now wants real love and not to be played again, and the response from netizens has prompted her to question why women who are fully clothed are also looking for husbands.

People think she hasn’t been able to settle down because she’s always [email protected] on social media, so why do fully clothed women go to church looking for husbands if what’s preventing her from doing so isn’t something they’re doing?

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Efia Odo is correct to ask such a question, but she must understand that men today do not marry a woman solely because she is fully clothed, though this is important. There are other factors that men consider when marrying.

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