“When did you start doing music to be this rude and disrespectful”- Victoria Lebene fires Mr. Drew

Victoria Lebene, the actress and wife of blogger Eugene Osarfo-Nkansah (Nkonkonsa), has publicly chastised musician Mr Drew for an event that occurred at the just concluded Wildaland Festival.

Mr. drew allegedly passed comments and walked off the stage rudely while performing at the 2021 Wildaland festival due to technical challenges.

It seems the actress cannot come to terms with comments made by Mr. Drew who is not in her good books.

Mr. Drew’s behavior was regarded as rude by Victoria in an Instagram post, who added that his performance was bad and immature.

You this Drew Guy….. @mrdrewofficial Remarks of you is very appalling at the @wildalandfestival

1000’s of people travelled very far and all the way into the WILD just to have a swell time, only for you to display a very poor and immature performance. Your act at the first ever edition of WILDALAND was and is very disrespectful, disgusting and insulting. How long have you been in the music industry for you to display such an act? Ghanaians make and unmake you should have that in mind, that the least act you disregard may be what would bring you down. Don’t be too proud to be able to comport yourself when the unfortunate happens!

The machine failed you, but what happens to your stage craft, composures, manners and even your talented vocals? We are mad at you this is the message if no one has told you yet I’m doing that here on behalf of the people that drove extra miles to witness your crap! So disappointed in you.”