"When a man truly loves you, you won't have to ask him for money before he gives you"- Actress Mo-Bewa Advice Ladies

“When a man truly loves you, you won’t have to ask him for money before he gives you”- Actress Mo-Bewa Advice Ladies

Mo-Bewa, a popular Yoruba film actress, has used a new Instagram story post to reveal what is expected of a man who truly loves a woman. She advised women that if a man truly loves them, they do not need to ask for money because the man knows what he should do to show his love to his woman.

She stated unequivocally that a lady does not need to ask a man she is dating for attention or a date night because if a man truly loves a woman, he will act differently on his own. She stated that there is no need to solicit affection, time, or money from a man you are dating, while claiming that doing the most for a woman without being asked makes a man happy.

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In a statement posted on her Instagram story, she stated,  “You won’t have to ask a man that truly loves you for anything. Not a date night, not money, not time, not affection. When a man really desires you, he moves different for you on his own. It actually makes him happy to do the most for you.”