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What happened to Ryan waller’s face ( details about his Shooting, Age, career, net worth)

Who is Ryan Waller?

Ryan Waller was a victim to home invasion robbery in 2006 which led to his death and also the death of his girlfriend. His full name is Ryan T. Waller, and he hails from the city of Knoxville in the Volunteer State of Tennessee.

Ryan Waller

What happened to Ryan Waller’s face?

During a peaceful evening at Ryan Waller and Heather Quan’s apartment, the doorbell rang. When Waller opened it, a pistol was pointed directly at him. Waller pushed against the door, trying to stop the intruder from entering, and was shot in the face.

Two men entered the apartment, shot Waller a second time, and then turned their guns on Quan, killing her with a round to the head. The men armed themselves and departed with a computer. Waller was still alive when they believed they had slain both occupants.

After Ryan Waller’s Shooting

Two days later, on Christmas day, Waller did not show up to his parents’ house for the holiday meal. His worried father contacted the authorities to request a check for his son.

As soon as the police arrived at the site of the crime, they immediately began interrogating Ryan, who was fighting for his life, about the possibility that he was the gunman.

What happened to Ryan waller's face ( details about his Shooting, Age, career, net worth)
Ryan Waller being interrogated

Waller’s revelations on the real criminals constituted a portion of the interrogation’s problems. He mentioned the name of Richie Carver who was an old roommate. Waller informed police that Carver was the shooter. This, however, was originally disregarded due to his incoherent claims.

Hours through the interrogation, officers noticed Waller’s condition was getting worse and finally called in the paramedics to transfer him to the hospital. He was rushed to emergency. The bullet had already entered his skull, sinus and was working its way steadily further into his brain.

He was blind permanently and spent the rest of his life reliant on his parents. His injuries ultimately proved fatal, causing a seizure that ultimately resulted in his death.

Ryan Waller Age

There is not a great deal of information available from reliable sources on Ryan Waller Age. This page will be updated with the right information as soon as we receive further details on Ryan Waller.


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