“We won’t let her suffer”- lady’s parents cancel wedding after seeing where the man lives.

A young Nigerian lady identified as Maryam Shetty on Facebook has detailed how a wedding was called off due to a horribly classist excuse.

After learning where their future in-laws live, the bride’s family decided to call off the wedding.

The lady’s family stated that they would not allow their daughter to suffer since the man’s home is so low-class in comparison to their high standards.

They offered to give the guy a new house after embarrassing him with their classism, but he declined out of pride, thus the marriage could not proceed.

Full story below:

We are truly facing an epidemic especially in Northern Nigeria, often perpetuated by parents; classism. Recently, a wedding was called off based on the fact that the bride’s family felt the house she was going to stay in doesn’t fit her status and class. This was a decent new terrace house? They said they wouldn’t want their daughter to go suffer as she grew up in wealth!!

The said husband to be is a decent, well-educated person with a good job and also from an upper-class family too; his parents said that’s all they could afford to house her as the house was gifted to him by his father.

The bride’s parents even offered to get a better house than suited her status. However, the husband and his parents stood firm. Consequently, the wedding was called off. She went ahead to marry some socialite who practically does nothing. She basically missed out on a great person. Sadly, there are too many such stories. Weddings are canceled due to some trivialities and misplaced priorities.

Ironically, most of these parents had humble beginnings devoid of the luxuries they place so much importance on. They never allow their kids to navigate life on their own. Weddings and marriages have become like some competition. It’s mostly a lavish display of wealth, power, materialism, outshining of others etc; it’s truly no wonder marriages last a second.”