“We will take your boyfriends with care and respect if you mistreat them”- Young fante slay qữeens speak (video)

In a brief video, three Takoradi young females have urged their colleagues in Takoradi and Ghana at large to properly handle their partners because they are in a boyfriend trap.

They are eager to grab and pamper guys whose partners mistreat and talk back at them, according to a video circulating online 
Boyfriends are like gold; they are hard to come by, thus they must be treated with care and love, according to the young girls.

One of them, who was sitting, told her colleagues to open their eyes and treat their lovers well, since if they treat their boyfriends badly, they will not return to their girlfriends.

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Despite the fact that heartbreak has become all too common in the country, the youth refuse to give up, leaping from one relationship to the next like frogs.

Watch the video below:

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