"We will increase fuel again for booing Nana Addo at the Global Citizens Festival"- Afia Schwarzenegger

“We will increase fuel again for booing Nana Addo at the Global Citizens Festival”- Afia Schwarzenegger

At the most recent Global Citizen Festival, Nana Akufo-Addo encountered hostility from attendees.

Afia Schwarzenegger gave a response that was full of the biting sarcasm for which she is famous.

Afia stated that the unexpected treatment meted out to the president, who was booed off stage while delivering a keynote address to officially commence the high-profile event, will officially worsen the plight of Ghanaians in regard to the existing difficulties in the country.

The booing happened while the president was giving a keynote speech to kick off the important event.

“You have made us understand that as the world is going in this direction, you guys can’t control yourselves. Since you have finished hooting at Nana Addo, you have to find the money for transportation because fares are going to go up again,” she stated in a video shared on her IG platform.

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Afia pointed out that Nigerian President Buhari has done a worse job than Akufo-Addo, but Nigerians have never treated him badly.

“…when we were having a program, a president we have queued to vote for, you decided to show your foolish side to him. We have heard you. Nana Addo, Away! Where should he go?

“Have you seen Buhari go anywhere in Nigeria for them to hoot at him? Is it calm in America? You have done well. Disrespectful attitudes you guys have,” she added.

watch the video below.