“We will deal with you if you cheat on her again” – Fans warn Mcbrown’s husband (Video)

A set of Mcbrown’s angry fans has warned to mercilessly deal with Maxwell Mensah if he ever cheats on the actress again.

Yesterday, Ghana’s entertainment was shaken by a storm of accusations and controversy as the alleged infidelity of Mr. Maxwell Mensah, husband of renowned star actress Nana Ama McBrown, took centre stage.

The accusations were initiated by Ohene Phrah, who claimed that his ex-lover Maame Serwaa had been involved in a romantic relationship with Mr. Maxwell Mensah – igniting a firestorm of public scrutiny and social media frenzy.

McBrown’s enraged admirers have threatened to deal with Maxwell Mensah cruelly if he ever cheats on her again.
Yesterday, a torrent of accusations and controversy rocked Ghana’s entertainment industry as the alleged infidelity of Mr. Maxwell Mensah, husband of renowned star actress Nana Ama McBrown, grabbed center stage.

Ohene Phrah started the accusations when he claimed that his ex-lover Maame Serwaa was having a romantic relationship with Mr. Maxwell Mensah, triggering a whirlwind of public scrutiny and social media hysteria.

Since the original charges, social media platforms have been flooded with responses ranging from insults and advice to McBrown pleading with her to contemplate divorce.

A new audio recording has surfaced amid these difficult circumstances, sparking suspicion and adding a fresh element to the ongoing drama.

An anonymous woman can be heard in the tape stating that Mr. Maxwell Mensah is not only romantically related to Maame Serwaa but is also rumored to be involved with other popular “slay queens.”

The woman, whose voice was recorded in the background, alleged that Maxwell is a notorious playboy on Accra’s streets who takes advantage of any opportunity to engage with ladies that cross his path.

According to the unnamed woman on the audio, this is not the first time Mr. Maxwell Mensah’s name has been associated with infidelity.

Mr. Maxwell’s alleged acts, according to the woman in the audio, are ruining McBrown’s reputation and image.

She urged him to be more restrained and responsible in his relationships, implying that his actions are the core reason for the bad attention McBrown is receiving.

The woman also urged that Mr. Maxwell be more cautious and avoid having his name associated with cheating issues on a regular basis.

The lady threatened Mr. Maxwell towards the end of the recording that if he continues to cheat on the award-winning actress and eventually divorces her, he will never have peace of mind until the end of time because McBrown fans will make Earth appear like Hell for him.

The charges against him have cast a pall over his marriage to Nana Ama McBrown, bringing her name to the forefront in ways that have made her supporters and followers anxious.

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