“We must support our own as Ghanaians” – DBlack fumes over Nigerian songs head of Ghana’s

Desmond Kwesi Blackmore, better known by his stage name D Black, is a Ghanaian hip-hop and Afrobeat singer who believes it is past time for Ghanaians to enjoy indigenous music and quit overconsuming Nigerian music.

The young entrepreneur was shocked to see that Nigerian tunes dominated the top 20 tracks on Apple Music in Ghana.

Ghanaians who enjoy music prefer Nigerian music to Ghanaian music.

This, according to D black, must alter if Ghanaians expect their artists to compete at the highest level with Nigerian and African superstars.

He urged Ghanaians to support local artists and guarantee that their songs are streamed in order for them to compete.

D Black made a strong case for Ghanaian music in a series of tweets, especially when many people claimed that local artists don’t produce outstanding songs like their Nigerian counterparts…

As a result, Ghanaians have little choice but to listen to Nigerian music if they want to get their money’s worth.

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Ei Ghana! Our TOP 20 Songs on apple music are 18 Nigerian songs !!? Awurade !!! Like How do we touch the rest of the world if it doesn’t start from home ? Sigh

U guys here tweeting . Gh acts shud Make better music , blah blah , too known nkoaaa lol . Go take a look at other african charts . U think it’s just Ghana? It’s kenya , uganda , etc . The whole of africa besides Sa . And that’s cos naija has a 90% local content policy.

And that don’t affect Sa cos they have a 85% local policy . And support their music heavy from the people govt. Pushing their amapiano agenda heavy . Let’s change our mindsets chale . Talent Dey, Content dey. Stop with the Jesus syndrome . SMH.

Because local artists churn out awful songs, DBalck says there is no justification for Ghanaians preferring to download Nigerian and South African music. Ghanaian music, he claims, is excellent, but the insatiable appetite for foreign music that many Ghanaians have is the cause of its alleged deterioration.

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But how can the Ghanaian music industry be compared to that of Nigeria? Why does Nigerian music seem to have such a stronghold over the continent?

Let’s have a look at the facts.

Nigeria’s entertainment business is one of the most rapidly expanding in the world. The industry was valued $3.6 billion in 2016, and by 2021, it is predicted to be worth $6.4 billion.

The graph displays the Nigerian music industry’s revenue from 2014 to 2018, with estimates until 2023. Nigeria’s music revenue grew from 26 million dollars in 2014 to 34 million dollars in 2018, with a forecast of 44 million dollars by 2023.

The reversal is terrifying. D black feels that things will improve if Ghanaians begin to support one another.

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