“We Don’t Have Time Checking Up On You Because Becca And I Are Busy Searching Money On The Street” – Tobi Told Becca’s Mum

Becca’s mother, Madam Juliet Oti has disclosed the heart broken words her son-inlaw, Tobi Sanni told her when she and the sister confronted him and asked him why they (Becca and Husband) have not being checking up on her(Becca’s mum) and why they do not answer her calls too.

According to Madam Juliet in an interview, Becca’s husband, Tobi told her that, he and her daughter (Becca) are busy searching for money on the street that is why they don’t have time checking up on her.

Tobi again told Becca’s auntie to tell Becca’s mother that, even his own mother he checks up on her sometimes more than two years so she should leave them alone because they are busy searching for money.

Tobi’s comment came when Becca’s mother had gone for surgery on her hand and was expecting her daughter to call or text her to check up on her, says Madam Juliet.

Watch video of her interview below;

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