“We are nothing so humble yourself”- Vim Lady advises women

Afia Pokuaa, dubbed “Vim Lady,” has provided wise advice to braggarts, especially Ghanaian women, urging them to be modest.

To back up her point, she cited the environment in the labor ward.

She found out that one is not permitted to flaunt one’s costly jewelries, lipstick, or riches in hospital labor wards.

Humans, according to Vim Woman, are nothing more than a pencil in God’s possession. She posted a lovely photo of herself and wrote:

When are enter the labour ward or operating room, all your jewellery, designer, shoes and makeup cannot enter the labour ward or operating room. THINK ABOUT IT.
We came naked and we will go the same way.
Stop bragging about the things you have.
We are nothing but PENCILS IN GOD’S HANDS.

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