We are all suffering because we elected wicked and ungodly leaders – Prophet Kumchacha

Prophet Kumchacha, a Ghanaian preacher, has chastised Ghanaians for continuously electing bad politicians to manage the country during elections.

According to the founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, the Bible even states that when people elect or select righteous persons to lead them, they (citizens) are joyful, but when they elect or select sinners, they suffer.

“The Bible says that when a righteous man becomes a leader, it brings happiness to the people in that particular place where he is leading,” he explained. When sinners and immoral people become leaders or hold positions in a country, the Bible says the country suffers and God is harmed.”

When asked why he is continuously speaking on political problems when he is supposed to stay out of politics, he stated that it is never a sin for any pastor to get involved in politics.

“It is not a sin for a Prophet of God to become President or to be involved in partisan politics; in fact, it is what brings blessings to the nation.”

“If we say that it is not good for a prophet of God to be involved in politics, we will allow wicked people, occultists, ungodly, and sinners to lead us instead.”

“And when those people become our leaders, they pass laws that affect God’s people, which we should not allow to happen,” he said.

Effah Gideon

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