Watch Unseen videos from this year’s ‘A:topa’ festival at Gomao Fetteh

The “Atopa” festival is an annual celebration held in September by the residents of Gomoa Fetteh and its surroundings in Ghana’s Central Region.

Like every previous year, the people’s traditions and norms, as represented by their strange festival dance, were proudly shown.

The “atopa” dance permits males to dance with any lady they choose. These males are permitted to hold, caress, and smooch the woman’s rear and other essential regions of her body.

According to tradition, the lady must not oppose any man’s effort to dance with her. The “Atopa” festival has been called into doubt in recent years, but it looks like the residents of Gomoa Fetteh are set to continue their age-old tradition.

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Videos from this year’s “Atopa” event show a group of fairly rambunctious young people taking advantage of the celebrations to grind the bums of women…

These ladies were also enthusiastic about the festival, as most of them positioned their butts opposite to the men’s corresponding posture. 

In the videos we sighted, the drums beat forcefully, delivering energizing impulses into the waists of these dancers, allowing them to participate actively in the “Atopa” dance.

watch the videos below;

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