Watch the moment Funny Face forgot his script after kissing Jackie Appiah during a movie shoot – Video

Ghanaian comic actor, Funny Face, recently found himself in an awkward situation on the set of a movie after he forgot his lines following a much-anticipated kiss with his crush, Jackie Appiah. For years, Funny Face had been dreaming of the opportunity to share a romantic moment with Jackie on-screen, and finally, his wish came true.

The video of this unforgettable incident resurfaced online, causing quite a stir among fans. The scene was set in a dining room, with Funny Face and Jackie playing characters entangled in a love story. Surrounded by other actors, the duo created an ambiance that promised to captivate audiences.

As the scene unfolded, the short video clip revealed Funny Face engaged in dialogue before suddenly pausing. In a bold move, he turned to Jackie, who was seated to his left and leaned in for a kiss on her lips. However, what followed was unexpected and left both the crew and Funny Face confused.

Right after the kiss, Funny Face seemed to have completely forgotten his line. His mind went blank, and he struggled to regain his composure. The momentary lapse in memory left the crew surprised and created a humorous yet slightly embarrassing situation for the comic actor.

Although Funny Face’s forgetfulness may have caused a momentary hiccup on set, it only added to the authenticity of the scene. The incident showcased the actor’s genuine emotions and his desire to make the romantic moment with Jackie as realistic as possible.

Overall, this incident highlights the unpredictable nature of live performances and the challenges actors face in maintaining their focus and delivering their lines flawlessly. Despite the momentary lapse, Funny Face’s on-screen kiss with Jackie Appiah will undoubtedly be remembered as a memorable and humorous moment in their careers.

Watch his video below;


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