Watch The Interview CNN Reporter Larry Madowo had with MP Sam George that lead to his resignation from CNN

Larry Madowo, the CNN reporter who conducted the interview with Ningo-prampram Sam George, the member of Parliament for Ningo-prampram, has resigned from the network following his interview with the minister about the LGBTQ+ law.

In accordance with reports, Larry Modowo is a Kenyan journalist who is widely regarded as one of the best journalists in Africa. He previously served as the BBC’s North America Correspondent and also hosted BBC World News America from Washington, DC, and was known as one of the best journalists in Africa.

Immediately following the interview, according to reports, the CNN employee flew from Atlanta, USA, to Dubai. He described the session as “contentious,” and said it was one of the “contentious interviews” he had ever had in his life.

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Right after the interview with the minister, which has earned him a great deal of admiration from Ghanaians, he took to social media and wrote the following:

This is one of the most contentious interviews I’ve ever done on live TV. I asked a Ghanaian MP pushing an anti-LGBT bill why he wants to legalize hate & homophobia. “Only 7% of Ghanaians are tolerant of homosexuality,” MP @samgeorgegh told me on @OneWorldCNN

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