Watch how a father disciplined his son for allowing a gἆy man to grind him at a party (video)

After learning that his son had been seen at a party enjoying the time of his life with a popular gay man in the area, a father reacted violently toward his son and beat him up.

The man lashed him mercilessly and demanded to know why he had done so, knowing well that he had not been brought up to associate himself with homosexuals.

It required the intervention of the boy’s mother to bring the guy to his senses and prevent him from inflicting a terrible lesson on his kid that he would not soon forget.

It appears that this allegation is identical to one that was published a few days ago about a Nigerian guy who beat his daughter and almost choked her to death after realizing she was into lesbianism.

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As part of an organized family attack, the man latched onto the girl and delivered a brutal beating.

When the lady and her lesbian girlfriend were captured in a video that accompanied the news, they were kissing and lying in bed, and the couple appeared to be in love.

Her father, who spoke in Igbo, grabbed her by the neck and inquired as to why she decided to engage in such activities.

Meanwhile, have a look at the video of the man beating up his son, which is included below.

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