Watch beautiful video of Andy Dosty’s daughter mimics how her father behaves on the radio

Andy Dosty, a radio presenter, reacts unexpectedly to a video of his daughter impersonating him as a radio presenter, which she did flawlessly and with ease, demonstrating that she has been learning from the best.

Andy Dosty shared a video of his little girl asking if it’s appropriate for him to say that it’s a generational thing that his daughter is also attempting to be a DJ and presenter by mimicking him in the video.

We guess he’s right, because his daughter did very well with her presentation, and she tried slanging just like her father does, even though it wasn’t exactly like he does, but she did her best, and we guess it’s a generational thing.

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Netizens who saw the video were amazed at how the young girl was effortlessly mimicking her father, and they tried to give her a DJ name at the request of her father, Andy Dosty.

See the video below.

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