Wanlov is now a transgender See how he dressed in new photos

Wanlov da Kubolor has broken the internet today by posting a couple of photos of himself dressed as a woman.

Surprisingly, fans adore it! There appears to be a new Bobrisky in town.

Wanlov, in case you didn’t know, is a huge supporter of Ghana’s LGBT community.

Since time immemorial, he and his sister have fought for equal rights for the LGBT community.

They have increased their support with the recent introduction of a bill to criminalize the community.

Kubolor has decided to dress up as a lady today in order to raise awareness of the transgender community.

Wanlov applied make-up to his face, adorned his eyes, and painted his nails long.

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He posted the photo to Instagram with an inquisitive caption.

Walov wrote: “If laws were made according to “sin”, won’t you also be in prison? … #PreSin #KillTheBill #LoveIsOurWill,”

Fans were gushing massively over the photos Wanlov shared.

Maverick Ghanaian singer, Stepanie Benson simply commented: “Love it!”

One lady wrote: “Loving the lip colour,”

It seems Wanlov as a transgender woman is getting a lot of love however if it was a random person, people would be calling for his head.

Check out Wanlov da Bobrisky below…