Waakye in jars generate conversations on social media #Justice4Waakye

Some waakye sellers are trying to be creative as they have devised a new way of packaging their food other than the usual leaves, polythene bags, or in packs we are used to.

This new creative waakye venders now package the waakye in jars as they sell to the public. since the pictures of this new style hit the internet, social media has been shaking as people are reacting and showing their support to the new style of packaging.

This new style looks very hygienic and it is very important many adopt this packaging style based on the coronavirus era we find our selves.

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The only problem I have is how much they would be sold as the jar may be expensive and also can not contain a lot of the waakye that may satisfy me and you:)

Check out some of the reaction on twitter below:

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