Video: You will never be hungry if you have a big backside like mine – Hajia Bintu

Hajia Bintu, a Ghanaian socialite, has published an odd video for Medikal’s new song, which includes her name in the lyrics.

In an attempt to broadcast a video of her reaction to the song, the popular social media star was seen shaking her ass and warning other ladies with similar backs that they would face hardships in the industry.

Though she did not write the words, the way she delivered them made us question if it was how she was living as well.

Check out the video below:

Check out the comments below:

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Kofigarden44: Hmmmmmm as3m Oooohhh ????????”

Cocoa_strength: “Her ass they feed am”

Guvdaniels: “Big ass ladies are lazy in bed”

Shaggydone_1: “Not now a day’s ladies wai”