(Video) Yawa As Lady With With Big ‘Baka’ Stops A Man From Grinding Her At A Gathering

The Afrozig dance Fiesta 2022 event took place at Accra’s University of Professional Studies (UPSA).

If you watch the video attentively, you will see that many young men and women were having a great time at this event.

Some people were seen dancing alone, while others were seen dancing with their partners. During the dancing, a young man was caught trying to grind a lady with a large behind.

The young man placed his hands on the lady’s waist and attempted to grind her. The lady promptly took his hands and spoke to him.

However, because of the volume of the crowd, you can not hear what the lady said. The lady’s look indicates that she was enraged by the young man’s decision to take advantage of her.

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In certain circumstances, the lady would smack a person who takes advantage of her without her agreement, but this gentleman was fortunate not to receive a slap in the face.

After seeing this, several social media users speculated that the lady most likely has a boyfriend and does not want to cause an issue by letting another man grind her.

Others claim that the guy’s look indicates that he was ashamed in public for attempting to use the opportunity to grind someone’s girlfriend.

Watch this video.