Video: They think she’s two different people – See before and after makeups of this woman

There is no disputing that makeup is a kind of art and this woman is a true artist.

Tilda Harris, an influencer and content producer, demonstrated her abilities by transforming herself into a “goddess,” according to her admirers.

She initially appeared in a recent video wearing a black oversized top with her natural hair braided.
Her face was free of makeup, and her skin’s hyperpigmentation showed through.

Tilda Harris is famous on social media for her stunning transformations

She then abruptly reappeared in front of the camera, but this time she appeared to be an entirely new person.
She was dressed in a skin-tight yellow gown that highlighted her curves superbly.

People can't believe she's the same person

She wore chains up and down her arms and around her torso, which contrasted with her complexion.

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She completed the appearance with a bright yellow wig that truly lit up.

Her eyes were the most noticeable since they were framed with yellow eyeliner and long lashes.

She stated in her video: “It’s okay if you don’t like me. I don’t expect everyone to have impeccable taste.”

Her followers, on the other hand, were ready to protect and laud her.

One woman wrote: “I love your videos! I’m so happy my daughter showed them to me.”

And a second one commented: “Probably mad because no matter how much makeup they use they ain’t as pretty. You’re pretty with it and without makeup.”

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Watch the video below:

@tildaharris Y’all can’t tell me that transition wasn’t smooth 😁 #chubbyqueen #positivevibesonly #bodypositivity ♬ original sound