Video: Saudi Arabia is a prison – Ghanaian lady cries as she narrates the sad story

Naomi, a Ghanaian lady, has described being mistreated in Saudi Arabia after traveling there via a Ghanaian agent in search of greener pastures.

According to her, she disregarded her parents’ advice before embarking on her journey, which resulted in her being offered a two-year contract to work as a food nutritionist in Saudi Arabia.

She claimed that when she returned to Ghana, the agent promised her a good life full of perks that would help her become self-sufficient and raise her standard of living.

She explained that after graduating from Senior High School (SHS), she was introduced to the aforementioned agent and that her life had become unpleasant for her.

She claimed that when she arrived in the country, she was forced to do extensive cleaning with little or no time to rest, despite claims that she would be a cook in the house.

She also revealed that “masters” kept the passports of immigrants who came to Saudi Arabia to work as maids in order to keep them from fleeing.

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I graduated from SHS on May 11, 2016. I went on a trip in July of that year, despite my mother’s protests. She forewarned me that I would be treated unfairly.

She informed me that there would be too much work for me and that I would not be properly dressed. They wouldn’t want me to come across as attractive.

My father disagreed as well, but I ignored him. I heard a lot of stories, but only my mother agreed to let me tell them to you.

Saudi Arabia is a prison. If you’re unlucky, you’ll return empty-handed… Someone I know went there and stayed for the duration of their two-year contract. They don’t care about you, and I would never recommend going there.

She described her escape in the following way:

My boss and his wife didn’t want me to return to Ghana after my two-year stay because they assumed I had a child there, which I didn’t.

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They agreed to let me return only after I had spent another six months with them, and only if I returned to them after two months in Ghana. She told SVTV Africa that they bought her a return ticket, but she never showed up.