Video of a young boy boldly taking the number of a lady walking with her father surfaces

Some guys they say are very bold. No matter what, they will get what they are yearning for.

Well, we have sighted a video of a young guy boldly taking the number of a young lady.

Taking the number of the lady wasn’t the issue, but the gust this guy got is something netizens are still debating on.

The young lady was seen walking with her father and her younger brother, but this guy was bold enough to talk to the girl and take her number.

His friends were even surprised and started cheering him up.

Most fathers will not allow guys to come near their daughters. Likewise, most guys are afraid of approaching ladies when their fathers are around.

But with this, we still don’t understand why the father kept quiet, and the guy also got the boldness to take her number.

 this hardly happens in this part of our world. The dude is a go-getter!

Watch the video below;

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