(Video) My Hair Stopped Growing After My Late Father Shaved Me at Age 5 – 28-Year-Old Lady Reveals

 Jose hasn’t had a strand of hair on her head since her late father shaved her when she was five years old.

Jose revealed in an interview with Afrimax that for many years, her family believed her baldness was caused by witchcraft, a concept that has since lost its relevance.

Jose’s grandma, Patricia, claims that the 28-year-old was born with hair that was shaved off and never grew back.

Kampire Josepha hails from Uganda.

“I was excited for her delivery because she was my first granddaughter. She wasn’t just blessed with hair; her legs were also in good shape “she stated.

Things took a turn when her parents shaved her, as is customary for every other youngster in the country.

When Jose’s father died shortly after the shaving session, her family realized something was wrong.

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After the mourning period, they realized that the little girl’s hair had completely vanished, as had her eyebrows.

Jose and her mother sought the help of a village doctor, who prescribed herbs and promised that the hair would regrow, but it never did.

We got tired and stopped because it was wasting all the little money we had,” Patricia added

Jose’s mother died not long after, plunging the family into panic and confusion as they tried to figure out what had happened to them.

Jose became paralyzed. This was made worse by the young girl’s legs developing an ailment that eventually crippled her.

Patricia recalled, “She started crawling on the ground like a frog, and that’s when we hurried her to the hospital.”

The grandmother and granddaughter spent the following four months in the hospital while she underwent treatment.

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watch her video below;