Video: ‘Mum forgive me for hurting you’ – Adom FM presenter confesses and apologies to his mother

Kwamina Idan, an Adom FM presenter has expressed unreserved regret to his biological mother while reminiscing about his childhood.

Following his confession, he apologized.

” I’m apologizing unreservedly to mother and I know she will forgive me. After my senior high school education, my mother wanted me to become a professional teacher against my wish. She managed to gather some money to buy training college forms for me ” Kwamina Idan explained

” Because I wasn’t interested in teaching, I deliberately made unpardonable mistakes in the filling of the forms. That means automatically I get rejected. When I’m not admitted, my mum becomes so sad.” Kwamina confessed.

” The following year she will buy like two training college forms. Deliberately I do the same mistakes and get rejected. As usual, she will be sad. I know she will find a way and forgive me for doing this ” Kwamina begged his mum.

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” This continued until I decided to leave home to pursue radio on the University of Education campus. I joined radio windy bay and later grew up into ADOM FM. Kwamina Idun you see today started from somewhere ” Kwamina narrated.

watch his video below;