Video: Jackie Appiah shows off her luxurious living room, which includes a television that cost GHC 135,000.

Jackie Appiah, an award-winning Ghanaian actress, is the country’s newest homeowner.

The mother of one purchased a Trassaco home a few days ago, and videos of both the interior and exterior of the property have been filling the media space on a regular basis since then.

Jackie’s beautifully tiled lavish living room is seen in a new video that has gone viral on numerous social media sites.

One of the most noticeable features of Jackie’s home is the television set in her living room.

The  TV set features a pair of gold-colored speakers that open and close like bird wings.

According to checks, Jackie Appiah’s 77-inch TV set is a Bangs & Olufsen model that costs $21,925, which is equivalent to GHC135,000.

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Social media users praised Jackie Appiah for keeping her riches private and living the life of a great role model.

Watch the video below.