Video: I will attack you and you will confess within 3 days to all Ghanaians – Nana Agradaa to Rev, Owusu Bempah

Nana Agrada, who had repented, Patricia Oduro has finally spoken out in response to Prophet Owusu Bempah’s remarks and curses. No one knows the extent of the ongoing feud between Naan Agrada and Reverend Owusu Bempah.

Reverend Owusu Bempah Isaac will be fired by Nana Agrada Patricia Oduro, and Reverend Owusu Bempah Isaac will be fired by Nana Agrada Patricia Oduro.

It is Sunday, July 4th, 2021, and a viral video has been discovered that shows Reverend Owusu Bempah’s harsh comments to Nana Agrada Patricia Oduro. According to the viral video, Reverend Owusu Bempah was cursing Nana Agrada Patricia Oduro after admitting that Nana Agrada had visited his house three times in a row.

It is safe to assume that Reverend Owusu Bempah’s remarks have reached Nana Agrada’s ears. Patricia Oduro is a writer. It is no surprise that, since birds continue to soar through the air, Nana Agrada would undoubtedly hear Reverend Owusu Bempah’s proclamation through the same means.

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Ghanaians are also perplexed as to why Reverend Owusu Bempah will spend his church service time to criticize Nana Agrada Patricia Oduro rather than teaching the gospel. That is not part of our concentration, despite the fact that it is highly important.

We are really concerned by Nana Agrada Patricia Oduro’s forceful comments to Reverend Owusu Bempah as a response to Reverend Owusu Bempah’s curses.

According to the most recent video, Nana Agrada was enraged by Reverend Owusu Bempah’s comments. Reverend Owusu Bempah had previously denied that she (Nana Agrada Patricia Oduro) had ever visited him one-on-one, but now he claims that she (Nana Agrada Patricia Oduro) had visited him three times in a row.

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Nana Agrada claims she would arrange three days of prayer and fast against Reverend Owusu Bempah as a form of retaliation now that she has repented.

She went on to say that as a result of her fasting and prayers, Reverend Owusu Bempah will confess in front of Ghanaians in three days, and Ghanaians will know Nana Agrada’s actual identity.

she said;

“I will attack you by declaring 3 days fasting and prayers against you. After the fasting and prayers, you will confess before Ghanaians. You said I never visited you before but today you are saying I visited you three 3 times in a roll. Your curses against me will never work because what I am saying about you is true. But It will work if what am saying is false”

watch her video below;

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