(Video) Hassan Ayariga displays his brand new Lamborghini on the streets of Accra

Hassan Ayariga, a Ghanaian politician, accountant, and entrepreneur, drew a lot of attention on the internet after he stepped out in his Lamborghini Gallardo.

A video that has surfaced on the internet shows the former presidential candidate leaving the house in his ultra-expensive vehicle.

The tarred road in front of his house is clearly visible in the video, but he doesn’t seem to mind because he can drive past it.

As a result of this, many dissatisfied Ghanaians have chastised him for refusing to use a small portion of his vast wealth to solve this minor issue and instead relying on the government.

These critics can’t get their heads around the fact that a person who can afford a car worth over 10 billion cedis can’t hire contractors to improve the road in his neighborhood.

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Watch the video below;