Video: Funny Face’s baby mama now sells red oil used to charm men

Funny Face’s baby mama, Ama Vanessa Nicole, appears to have learned a lesson from her broken heart with the comic actor, as she has resurfaced on social media to promote her new product.

Almighty Red oil is now being sold by the endowed mother of twins. Men are tamed and charmed by this oil. It has the ability to make a man follow a woman around like a dog and do whatever she wants.

Ama Vanessa demonstrated two of her newest products in the video: one is a vagina tightening oil that tightens the Vajayjay and the other is a red oil, which she shared on her Instagram page.

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Using the “almighthy” red oil, which she claims was created specifically for women, she claims that men will crawl at their feet and will not be able to forget them even after they die.

Vanessa’s breakup with Funny Face has clearly opened her eyes to the possibility of creating a love oil that will help women avoid a situation like hers.

watch her video below;

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