Video: Armed robber gets locked up in a shop he tried to steal from

A video depicts the moment a young robber broke into a store, supposedly to ravage the owners and steal some merchandise.

In the video, the young man walked into the store like any other customer and began picking up items. Sensing danger, the women in the shop bolted out when they realized he was in to rob them.

At that point, one of the ladies called for the other women who were present in the shop to leave for their own safety and then locked up the place completely.

After picking up the items he had come for, the robber decided to leave. When he realized the woman had left the shop, he quickly closed it.

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He tried desperately to break the front door open in order to get out, but he was unsuccessful. He quickly realized he had no way out, which influenced his frantic attempt to open the door.

In a desperate attempt to flee, he then fired shots at the locker. All attempts were unsuccessful. He realized he could not get away, which would almost certainly lead to his arrest.

He muttered to himself, “I am going to jail. The cops will come for me.”

The woman’s bravery in locking the robber up when he broke into their shop to steal items is captured in the video below.

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