(Video) Another Lẽᾶked Tᾶpẽ in Tamale: Characters Behave Unborethed

(Video) Another Lẽᾶked Tᾶpẽ in Tamale: Characters Behave Unborethed

Taking into mind the current trend of affairs, the Tamale Metropolis is increasingly becoming a key hub for the release of bonking videos and photographs, as well as other scandals.

Just as a previous one went viral, another one with two well-known faces has gone viral and is gaining steam through various social media platforms, with the characters looking unmoved by the circumstances.

It is unclear when the two started dating, but based on what they are saying in subtle shots at one other, it happened later, with the lady in issue gloating that she is not the first to have a film released.

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The 31-second video shows the two lovebirds glued together and engaged in a very hot bout.

The lady only known as Kulu, who is shown responding to the disclosure, says:

“I am braiding my hair…why won’t I braid my hair? Am I the first person to have my video leaked?  Keep posting we don’t want stress. We are in 2019. Tomorrow I am going to chill”.

Watch the video below;