Video: After impregnating two women at the same time Zion Felix finally reveals the lady he will marry

A question about who Zion Felix would marry when he decides to settle down has been answered at long last by the star himself when he answered an interview with Ohemaa woy3j3 on Angel FM.

During the interview, the presenter inquired as to whether the blogger would consider marrying in the future and whether he would consider marrying one of her three baby moms.

The father of three said that he is certain that he will marry one of the baby mamas in the not-too-distant future.

Three distinct women in three different nations gave birth to the blogger this year, causing widespread media coverage and speculation.

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Minalyn Liwani, who is based in Ghana, is quite popular among the three ladies. The other two are Erica Kyem, who is based in Italy, and Celestina Amoako-Atta, who is based in England.

watch the video below: