Vicky Zugah and her pastor almost beaten by the woman who cursed her for snatching the husband when they went to apologies – video

we reported few months ago that Prophet Prince Elisha Osei prophesied to actress Vicky Zugah when she visited his church that a marital curse has been placed on her by a woman whom Vicky snatched the husband 10 years ago.

well, Vicky Zugah accompanied by her pastor went to the woman to apologies for what she did 10 years ago so that the curse will be reversed.

though the woman forgave her, they didn’t hard it easy as they were almost beaten up by the family of the woman who cursed the actress.

the woman in the first place said she wont accept the apology because its through the actress that the husband drove her and their children away from the house.

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the actress was seen kneeling whiles holding the woman’s leg as she apologies, and other family members who were around was also saying the woman shouldn’t forgive her.

though they tried very hard the woman at long last forgave her and reversed the cures she placed on the actress.

well, just watch the video below;