American Rapper gets robbed 5 minutes after landing at Kotoka international airport in Ghana.

US-based rapper Victor Kwesi Mensa, better known as Vic Mensah in the industry, has spoken up about his robbery experience when he first arrived in Ghana about 17 years ago.

 On his first visit to Kotoka International Airport, he says a man approached him and requested money from him so he (the man) could Vic a taxi, but the man turned out to be a thief who fled the scene after he had received the money.

“The first time I got to Ghana, I got robbed within 5 minutes. I was 11 years old and it was funny, that was my first time being outside of America, I landed at the airport and it was crazy,” Vic Mensah told Rev Erskine in an interview on YFM 107.9.

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“I didn’t understand the language, the atmosphere was different. I couldn’t get a cab, someone walked up to me and told me to give him money and he will get me a cab and he left”.

The rapper described the experience at the Kotoka International Airport on his arrival as ” funny”.

Vic Mensa further said that the diaspora’s opinion of Ghana has changed, and many individuals had plans to visit. “The reputation of Ghana is currently changing, and many more Black Americans are visiting and showing an interest in living here,” he stated.