unusual couple causes stir online after a photo of them was shared on social media

Love is a beautiful thing, and there is no formula for falling in love after meeting the right person. A man recently left Zansi speechless after tweeting a photo of his family.

To his face, the guy was wishing everyone a happy new year, but it appears that the fans he trusted had something special in store for him.

The guy was overjoyed until someone decided to spoil it.

In the photo he posted, the guy is much taller than his girlfriend, who also appears to be young and innocent.

According to reports, there are still people who cannot seem to like or love other people who are in a relationship.

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It appears that people only want to be happy and have a family for themselves, without considering how others may be feeling during this difficult time.

We can all see that the poor guy is too tall, but that doesn’t give people the right to criticize him.

The guy did not choose to be this tall. This is God’s work, and he knows why things are the way they are.

Some viewers took to Twitter to comment, with one even asking how they sleep at night. They were wondering if he could sleep in his bed.