Unseen Photograph Of JJ Rawlings Causes Stir Online

Unseen Photograph Of JJ Rawlings Causes Stir Online

The wonders of photography, as the old adage goes, each have their own unique ways of “piercing through” the hearts of their subjects without leaving so much as a drop of “blood-oozing out.”

Ghanaians’ hearts are still “glowing” with the terrible shock caused by the death of the late former president, J.J. Rawlings.

As a direct result of JJ’s undeniable contributions throughout his life, Ghana has emerged as a continent-wide leader in terms of political maturity, economic growth, and technological innovation.

In point of fact, even though J.J. Rawlings has passed away, his footprints, works, and legacies are still very much present in Ghana and the rest of the world today.

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After the passing of the “all-time” Ghanaian hero two years ago, all seemed to have been forgotten about JJ, until today when a rare photograph of him surfaced on social media, bringing back fresh memories of him.

It is not entirely clear where the Late Former President took the photograph, but he appears to be in a “summery mood” in the image.

In the photograph, the late former president can be seen donning a bright red sun hat, a pair of dark sunglasses, a multicolored shirt, and something that appears to be black jeans shorts.

The late J.J. Rawlings was seen in his ‘last days’ look,’ which consisted of an all-white beard, sitting in front of a “country home’ while holding a mobile phone and taking in the atmosphere around him.

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See the photo below;

Unseen Photograph Of JJ Rawlings Causes Stir Online