University lecturer in trouble after he failed to solve hard maths question he gave to students (video)

Embarrassing moment as University lecturer is unable to solve difficult Maths problem he gave students [Video]

Students could only discreetly laugh as their famous instructor was observed biting his fingers while trying to solve a math problem they were given.

The teacher couldn’t “find X,” jeopardizing his credibility.

“Did he give a false problem or is he just unable to find a suitable solution?” Those were some of the unresolved questions on students’ minds as hope faded.

The teacher stepped closer to the board. Perhaps his eyes were playing tricks on him. When he couldn’t solve the math assignment he offered them, some sympathetic pupils rushed to his aid.

The backbenchers sat idly, waiting for their instructor to solve the math issue.

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Waiting, even with other students’ help, they recognized their professor was definitely not in the “mood to solve the problem”.

Maybe the issue was a mirage. Or the lecturer failed to find ‘X’.

But it was an unpleasant moment for the instructor, who had to quickly rehabilitate himself.

check out the video:

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