University girl goes viral on social media after she was spotted with long colored hair on campus

Because of the length of her braids, a picture of a Tertiary girl from the University of Cape Coast has gone popular on the internet today.

The Lady is thought to have just returned from afternoon lectures with a friend.

Her braids could be seen reaching her toes in the photos. They look to be so close to the ground that some are virtually touching it.

Nobody knows what inspired her hairstyle, although others speculate that she did it on purpose simply for the cameras. Her friend, on the other hand, had long braids, but nothing compared to the lady in focus.

Aside from the length of her braids, the colors she chose have also gotten a lot of attention. Bright pink with blue undertones.

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Ladies sometimes complain of headaches after braiding, so you can picture the agony she went through to get those done, not to mention the stress the hairstylist endured and the cost of the braids.